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Posted December 20, 2014 at 02:22 am

Nathan. You look horrified. XD
And just for the record, Nathan was in wresting while they were in school! (Age 17-18) :3

Ive been a busy little bee getting Beyond Beauty Ch2 finished up (If the comic gods bless me, maybe this week XD) 
I've storyboarded my portfolio, gonna work on that asap for N.Y.C.C! Gah, its just around the corner..... ;u; 
I'm also gonna get that tl short story worked on. (And I came up with another one I'd like to do, but more details on that one later X3)
That's about it for now. Just drawin comics, sobbing at un-godly hours of the night, good stuff. XD I hope you're all having a good day! <33


Technicolor London was nominated in the Yaoi Category! ;u;
They're trying something new out this year. HERE ARE THE FAQ'S
Basically, you can literally drag the comics from 1st-5th. And you can even give "Kudo's" which are a few drop down choices that you feel the comic should be acknowledged of :3. They'll only be showing 5 at a time per round, so Technicolor London might show up in the 2nd or 3rd round XD But once you finish voting in one round, you get to see the next batch :3

I'd appreciate any love you can give for Technicolor London! But for now, go forth and discover new comics and show those well deserved ones some appreciation as well! <:3 
We're all one big comic community, spread the love! X3 

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