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3 Days Left for Guest Comic Submissions!
Posted March 30, 2015 at 11:40 pm

 And so ends my last 4 Koma for the month! Up next are some guest comics! And mark your calendars,

Technicolor London starts April 13th and the update days will be changing to three times a week:  Monday/Wednesday/Friday! 


Okay so here’s my gameplan, March will be 4-koma’s all month long. And I’d like to see if anyone wants to do a guest comic (Which would be shown in the first two weeks of April)

And Volume 5 Updates will start April 13th (And the update days would change to Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

What I need from you:

-Just one page or a 4-Koma of whichever Technicolor London characters doing whatever you want them to do! Take a look at previous Guest Comics to get a better idea!

-720 Pixels Wide and the height can be whatever you need your comic to be! (OR) You can send a high res file of your comic and I’ll prep it for the site!


A PDF of my 18+ Short Story “That First Night” (OR) You can take a rain check and I’ll send you a PDF of my new Short Story coming later this year! (The pairing will be Dannyboy x Nathan) (20 Pages, Watercolor Wash)

Where to send your comic:

Email me at (Titled: Guest Comic)

Deadline: April 2nd

Lemme know if you any questions!

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